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Studio Build - Insulation, Flooring and Door

With all the walls complete, I went back over every edge, nook, knot, and anything that look like a gap and made sure it was sealed up. I don't think I've mentioned it since the first post, but I have obsessed over making sure everything that needs caulking in the room has been done so and double and then triple checked. Now, its time to put the rockwool insulation in and get the flooring complete. I also still need to finish the window and the door but I've been putting it off because... well, its just not as much fun.

At this point, you're going to start seeing my equipment back in the room in some photos since it was turning into an environment I could actually get work done. With flooring and insulation complete I focused on getting the door built. It is a solid core door with 2 layers of mdf sandwiched with green glue and an automatic sweep installed at the bottom. Once again, Rod's book and the John Sayers site were a huge help with guidance to get this done.

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