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Studio Build - Fixing Surprises

I've discovered I'm really not good at taking photos. I'd like to say I'm going to do a better job going forward, but chances are I'll get too wrapped up in what I'm working on to remember.

I spent some time fixing the little surprises I found after taking off the drywall. The cinder block wall had cracks on the outside that were allowing water to get in during heavy rains. The outside cracks were sealed, then on the inside, the big hole was fixed along with anything questionable I might find. I plan to paint this wall to make sure its really sealed so it doesn't need to be perfect, but while I have access, might as well.

I also did a proper job on the shower cubby. I soaked the tile in water to more easily remove it from the drywall, then applied it to cement board, plugged the hole and refinished the tiles around the inside. Since I had access all the way around with the wall removed, I was able to really seal it up. I also sealed around the pipes, then added rockwool and enclosed the area for peace of mind. I don't have pictures of it, but I also had to float the floor. After these issues were fixed, I started on the process of using the drywall that was pulled off the walls to "beef up" the wall that was there. This entailed cutting it all down, slathering green glue all over it and then using cleats to hold it up against the existing outer leaf.

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